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Who’s behind Frey’s Brewing Company?

My good friend Bob Knill took this picture a few months ago. That’s me, and I’m holding my Pale Ale – I’d like to call this one an “innocent” beer, but no beer is innocent. The beer’s ABV is 3.8% with a floral hop note coming from the whole cone Cascades used… So if you see me around, please say “Hi” and ask what I’m brewing up this month!
Adam Frey

What is a Farm Brewery?

The simple answer:
A Farm Brewery is similar to a vineyard or winery; where a vineyard makes and sells it’s wine from the grapes grown on the vineyard, a Farm Brewery makes and sells beer from ingredients grown on the farm.

The longer answer:
Each state and/or county may define what a Farm Brewery is or isn’t. We are registered with the State of Maryland as a Class 5 Brewery, but are still classified as a Farm Brewery under Frederick County zoning. What does this mean? No tasting room on our farm for now, but we can sell our beer to retailers and everyone can get our hand-crafted beer in their local pub/restaurant!

What kind of ingredients are usually grown on a Farm Brewery?
A Farm Brewery can grow all sorts of Beer related ingredients. Most beers use at least a few key ingredients, including barley and hops. But other ingredients may include: wheat, rye, corn, rice, oats, amaranth, spelt, sorghum, honey, potatoes, maple syrup, fruits (grapes, apples, cherries, etc), spruce, and herbs (note, some ingredients need to be approved by the federal government before they can be used in beer).

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