It’s 2014 and we have good news!

750ml bottles

We feel 2014 is going to be a great year!
1) We are working on bottling and hope to have 750ml & 22oz bottles in stores by the end of the month!
2) We have smaller 1quart/1Liter growlers we’re selling out of the brewery.
3) Whack Truck McDonkey is getting re-released this month! Will it stay on as a full time beer? We’ll see!
4) We are working on a collaboration brew with Liam Flynn’s Ale House – which is stylistically Scottish in nature.

750ml bottles
We’re gonna be bottling soon!

We’ve Been Busy!

taps pour beer

We’ve been extremely busy this past month! We’ve been delivering beer to Frederick, Mount Airy, Ellicott City, Columbia, and Baltimore. So if you find our beer on tap, be sure to tweet us about it or post on our Facebook page and let others know where they can find Frey’s too!

And if you like sours, keep an eye out for “Shore Leave Sally”, our farmhouse sour (which made her debut outing from the brewery this week). This is not an introductory sour! It’s much more extreme. So if you are really into sours, find Shore Leave Sally and have some fun!