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Meet Shore Leave Sally…

Shore Leave Sally has been released! This past week, we delivered Shore Leave Sally to a few restaurants/pubs in both Frederick & Baltimore. Looking for a light, introductory sour? This is not the beer for you – it’s much more extreme. But if you are really into sours, find Shore Leave Sally and have some fun!

“When the ship hits the shore, Navy women like to have fun too! Say hello to our farmhouse sour beer – yes, it’s a sour and a bit fruity/spicy (we use a lot of rye!). Remember your uncle’s stories of drinking Berliner Weisse in Germany? Remember how your friend described that Flanders Red? Yeah – forget all that. This is Shore Leave Sally, a true farmhouse sour beer!”

We’re in Baltimore!

We made it Baltimore! Check our beers out at Max’s on Broadway, Liam Flynn’s Alehouse, and Metropolitan! We’re also headed to a few other places around town, so keep an eye out!

Black Rye IPA

Black Rye IPA:
You asked for a different IPA and we listened; we brewed our first batch of our new Black Rye IPA yesterday! No, it’s not a stout or a porter – just a rye based IPA that’s very dark in color. Should be ready sometime around mid-September.

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