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Are you confident, cool, and suave? Do you like talking or otherwise interacting with people? Do you like being outdoors, around a farm, and most importantly, do you enjoy beer? How about coming to work for us here at Frey’s Brewing Company?

Our Tasting Room will be opening this Fall. We are currently looking for:

Beertenders (Bartenders that know beer):
Candidate needs to understand and relate how our customers feel about beer, should be able to describe beer to customers, provide tasting notes and pairing information. Position is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with occasionally scheduled weekday functions.

Tasting Room Manager:
Candidate needs to have a few years of Bartending and/or management experience in a high stress environment. Candidate must be able to manage a tasting room, including bartenders.

Part-time Delivery Driver and Packager:
Please note this position is Part-Time for now (may eventually become full-time)! Job description: deliver our beer throughout the greater Central Maryland area and possibly (eventually?) into Washington DC. Candidate must have a clean driving record and no DUIs/DWIs. Driver will also help at festivals and other events. Must be able to manipulate a full keg of beer (some of the larger kegs can be upwards of 170lbs) and, with the aid of a dolly, move it into it’s destined retail establishment.

Brewing Assistant:
Part-Time to Full-Time – An assistants work would include: mashing, brewing, temperature control, quality & consistency control, sanitation, cleaning, fermentation, yeast handling, fermentation & brite tank maintenance, chiller handling, bottling/canning, and various other brewery related tasks. A brewing assistant must also accurately record raw materials, production stage timings, and quality checks (yes, that includes tasting beer), managing resources to meet objectives; help work on new recipes for seasonal and specialty beers; keep track of stock and records of raw materials.

Part-Time – We are a brewery, and everything is regulated, so we need someone who is good with books and also enjoys tasting beer when needed. Are you that person? Let us know!

What separates us from other breweries and brewpubs?

Welcome To Our Farm
Welcome To Our Farm

For starters, we work and operate on a farm. It’s beautiful here and we’re outside a lot. When the weather is nice, we like to have cookouts, sit outside, and talk about the goings-on inside the brewery. It’s not slow paced (it’s still a brewery) and it’s hard to get bored. Unlike a brewpub, we do not serve food. We grow things here on the farm, including grain. Employees are occasionally asked to help with certain areas, including planting, growing, stringing, harvesting, irrigation, etc. which are very important to the growth of crops. Employees may also be asked to work in close proximity with animals from time to time as well (for instance, feeding cows spent grain, etc.). To boil it down, Farm Breweries have a lot in common with vineyards in their nature. Our close ties to the crops we grow and the needs of the farm are just as important as the beer we make.

Think you are ready to step up to the plate? Answer the section below and submit it so we can see!

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Opening gate
Working on the farm

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