Currently on Tap
(Last Updated October 02, 2020)

  • Tap 1:  Gor De Völ – Russian Imperial Stout
  • Tap 2:  Fields of Freyerland – Freyrish Stout on Nitro
  • Tap 3:  Gung-Ho Joe – Extra Stout on Nitro
  • Tap 4: Pussy Pilot Parade –  Black Rye IPA
  • Tap 5:  17 Hands Tall – English Farmer’s Strong Ale
  • Tap 6:  “Paging Dr. Combine”  – Experimental IPA
  • Tap 7:  Buck Horner in the Corner – Hybrid IPA
  • Tap 8:  Hoodbine Light – Light Lager
  • Tap 9:  Brek Rock – Hazy IPA
  • Tap 10:  Whack Truck McDonkey – Imperial IPA
  • Tap 11:  Stuck on Sideways – Hard Apple Cider
  • Tap 12:  Viva La Revolución – Revolutionary Pale Ale
  • Tap 13:  Heavy Breathing Betty – Weissbier
  • Tap 14:  Twelve Bells To Hell – Maryland Lager
  • Tap 15:  Dog Army Tank Party – Farmhouse Ale
  • Tap 16:  Where Do You Keep The Cows – Australian Style Lager Hybrid
  • Tap 17:  “Hey McFrey!!” – Farmhouse Ale
  • Tap 18: Beergarita – Our take on a margarita, but made with bee.r
  • Tap 19:  Chaotic Little Friend – Dark Sour
  • Tap 20:  Obscene Dreams – Sour Weiss

Beer Cocktails

  • Fall Gor:  Our Gor De Völ Russian Imperial Stout, with your choice of maple or brown sugar spiced syrup, served with a pumpkin sugar rim
  • Beergarita – Blonde Ale served up like a traditional margarita (without the tequila)
  • Caramel Sideways – Stuck on Sideways with Caramel Syrup
  • Help, I’m Bloody Stuck! – Stuck on Sideways with Blood Orange Syrup
  • Stuck on Raspberry – Stuck on Sideways with Raspberry Syrup
  • You Two Make a Prickly Pear – Stuck on Sideways with Pear Syrup
  • Spiced Brown Sugar Cider – Stuck on Sideways with Spiced Brown Sugar Syrup
  • Cherry Vanilla Cider – Stuck on Sideways with Cherry and Vanilla Syrup
  • Mmmmmmmaple Cider – Stuck on Sideways with Spiced Maple Syrup

Frey’s Brewing Company has a selection of beers ready for your drinking pleasure. Everything we brew, we brew with pride right here at our farmhouse brewery! We try not to limit ourselves by only brewing within traditional beer styles set forth. We feel this limits taste and we like trying new things. In other words, we are brewing what we love!

Now you may be asking yourself, what is this farmhouse brewery thing all about? Not so much a style, as an origin: we brew on a farm and use ingredients grown on our farm. We open ferment (the fermenters can breath, as it is not a fully sealed fermentation). So what does that mean? Sometimes nothing, sometimes everything. Wild yeast off the farm can influence beers and give them characteristics that aren’t often found in standard beer. Dry vs rainy years may give different flavors to grains and hops. And that’s the beauty of a farmhouse brewery. We love it and we’re sure you will too!

So what kind of farmhouse beers do we produce? Here’s a list of some of our flagship beers that we’ve produced over the years (not all are currently on tap)

Pussy Pilot Parade Black Rye IPA

  • Pussy Pilot Parade: A team of Pussycat Pilots flying jets in a Parade? This you have to see! This Black Rye IPA is brewed at our little farmhouse. Dark colors mixed with a 20% rye bill for that great rye flavor! Finished with Columbus hops to compliment this beer nicely with a light citrus flavor, without overwhelming.
  • Gor De Gok: Russian Imperial Stout. Be prepared for the dark awesomeness.
  • Whack Truck McDonkey: With IBUs thru the roof, this Imperial IPA is both sweet and bitter. It has a slight citrus tang, to an otherwise earthy flavor. Very drinkable, leaving a beautifully bitter finish on the tongue. At 102 IBUs, it’s not a beer that your tastebuds can ignore!
  • Gung-Ho Joe: Are you Gung-Ho enough? Gung-Ho Joe is! This dark beer is a farmhouse extra stout with mild roasted characters and slight coffee notes that you won’t soon forget! It has a lot of spirit, but doesn’t overwhelm the tastebuds with bitterness. This is a stout to be enjoyed.
  • Da Hoocha: A lightly smoked summer farmhouse ale, earthy with a hint of smokiness.
  • Frey Of The Tiger: Super smooth, black farmhouse saison with a mild roastiness.
  • Heavy Breathing Betty: Why is she breathing so heavy? She fell in love with our Hefe! Often called Weißbier in Bavaria, this style of beer is more often called wheat, weizen, or hefeweizen elsewhere. It’s cloudy, pours a big head, and has lots of spicy and banana notes from the top-fermented yeast. This farmhouse wheat, with all it’s flavor, is one of those beers you won’t stop thinking about.
  • Dog Army Tank Party: This belgian-esque farmhouse is a beauty. The profile has a slight citrusy characteristic with spicy, earthy notes. The grain bill uses barley, wheat, & oats.
  • MADE IN FREYPAN: This farmhouse blond is one of our favorite session beers, with an overwhelmingly pleasant flavor, which is sure to have you wanting more. The profile has a slight citrusy characteristic with spicy, earthy notes. The grain bill uses barley, wheat, & oats. Finished with Willamette hops.
  • Farmer Armor: This light and refreshing saison is perfect for those summer days! Farmer Armor has a light breadiness which is complimented nicely with a spicy/tart citrus flavor.
  • Bald Rabbit Nightmare: A Dark Belgian-style Strong Ale made with Pumpkins and Chili Peppers. Done with Belgian yeast, this dark beer has that nice belgian-style taste. Subtleties of pumpkin helps to enhance the flavors, then the Chili peppers, and their beautiful (but not overdone) heat, seal the deal. Although it is brewed with pumpkins, this is not to be considered a “Pumpkin Beer”.
  • Bulletproof Mustache: We consider this a complex American IPA with a dry, light body, a hint of smoke, a touch of oak, and a citrusy finish. Made with a variety of malts and a lot of hops, this brew is close to 60 IBUs and is dry hopped using Nugget & Columbus. Bulletproof Mustache is dedicated to fighter pilots (especially American pilot Colonel Robin Olds) and their superstition to grow a bulletproof mustache.
  • ¡Viva la Revolución!: Honoring the original American revolutionary: George Washington! Created to be something a little different than the standard take on a Pale Ale. This farmhouse pale is finished with Mt Hood & Willamette hops, so it’s not a citrus bomb. Thirst quenching and very drinkable!
  • Twelve Bells to Hell: How many bell tolls can your tastebuds go after you’ve finished this farmhouse lager, before they demand another? It’s a farmhouse approach to lagers. Open fermented at ale temperatures, lots of body, and hop characteristics that will make you smile.
  • Inniskilling: The Irish foot-soldiers fought hard, and so will you after trying this farmhouse red! It’s a different kind of red. It’s not dry (some call non-dry reds “dirty reds”) and we American grown hops. This red is robust and full-bodied, with tons of flavor. Brewed in our little farmhouse brewery, we consider our Red more of a “Dirty Irish-American Farmhouse Red”!
  • One Eyed Bride: This Black Wit is a dark and citrusy session wit done with a hefty dose of orange peels and chocolate malt along with hints of coriander. It has a tanginess from the orange peels, that finishes with notes of chocolate; while it is not a sour, some will adoringly compare it that way due to the tart citrus tones.
  • Obscene Dreams: We wanted to make a delicious Farmhouse Sour Weiss that can be enjoyed by sour fans and those who want to enter the sour world.  This brew has a creamy texture that is tart, dry, and full of citrus notes.  Our sour is light and refreshing for porch drinking days! Feel free to add some syrup to the beer as is tradition with a Weiss.

You may find other beers we’ve produced in collaboration with restaurants and pubs around Central Maryland – keep an eye out for them, as they are rare, yet fun!


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