Soft Openings, Inclement Weather, & Parking Areas…

Today, Saturday Feb 16th, is another soft opening stress test. We’re open from 12-6pm and have Pussy Pilot Parade, our Black Rye IPA, on tap!

We’ll be doing a set of soft openings every weekend for the next few weeks, due to inclement weather. We realize our biggest bottleneck right now will be parking. The weather has been less than cooperative, so we highly suggest bringing a 4-wheel drive. Our driveway has been saturated with rain water and snow, and is not ideal for some vehicles. We have concrete pads for parking both in front of and behind the Tasting Room. but the rest of the parking areas are still unfinished and not completely ready due to the weather (e.g. parts are heavily affected by mud), even more, our driveway is fairly rough due to all of the rain, snow, and mud. If you have a 4-wheel drive, you definitely should bring it!

Please note: we are not fully able to set our hours/days/schedule yet, so stay tuned to our FaceBook page and our website for more info! We will announce ahead of time the hours & schedule for each weekend. We realize this is not ideal, but we’re using a temporary occupancy permit until we can finish our parking area – and that is both being held up and affected by the weather (we certainly want to be fully open!). So keep your fingers crossed the coming weeks of weather will cooperate! 

Also, we do have some residual construction debris, because we can’t get into the grass and other areas due to all the rain and mud. Please ignore the construction and come out and enjoy a beer with us!

Almost there!

Hey folks! We’re almost there! We’re working to pass our final inspections, brewing beer, and putting epoxy on our bar, so we can open the Tasting Room! We’ll be posting here, hopefully soon, to let everyone know when we’re open! Cheers!

Our bar is made with reclaimed farm-wood!