Springtime Hours at Frey’s



Our Tasting Room Hours for Spring are as follows:
FreyDay 4 p.m. – 8p.m. (Happy Hour from 4 – 6 p.m.)
Saturday 1 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Sunday 12 p.m. – 6 p.m

We now have ample parking.

Stay tuned to our FaceBook page, Instagram, and website for more info! We will announce live music events and all hours & schedule changes.

Shark A Cat – Farmhouse Red Saison

Shark A Cat, our Farmhouse Red Saison Ale, is now in 6-packs! This refreshing saison is perfect for those summer days – based on our Red Ale, Inniskilling, this red saison has a nice balance inherited from it’s British red ale roots and blends it nicely with Belgian saison flavors! Spicy & slightly tart.

 Farmhouse Red Saison
Shark A Cat – Our Farmhouse Red Saison Ale

Obscene Dreams

Obscene Dreams
Obscene Dreams

We’re so excited!!! Obscene Dreams is now in 12oz bottles! Grab a 6-pack and go have some fun with friends! Never had one of our Obscene Dreams? Wondering what it’s all about? It’s a Farmhouse Sour Weiss, brewed here at our little farmhouse. Hand bottled and quite tart!

Looking for our beers? Try the liquor stores of Central Maryland (especially in the Frederick & Mount Airy pubs and liquor stores) that cater to local and/or craft beer.

Welcome to our Farm!

We love operating an actual Farm Brewery!!! Our farm brewery is located on a working farm on the eastern side of Frederick County, MD (just 15 miles east of Frederick, Maryland’s 2nd largest city). We are roughly an hour’s drive west of Baltimore, and about an hour north of Washington, DC.

While we do make beers that everyone can enjoy (blondes, IPAs, extra stouts), our brewery also creates more unique and oft sought farmhouse and other rarer styles of beer, including Saisons, Bière de Gardes, Sour Beers, WeissBiers, Black Wits, Smoked Beers, Black Rye IPAs, and Belgian IPAs, to name a few. When we put the word Farmhouse on the side of our beer, we are celebrating the use of ingredients grown on our farm (for instance: wheat & hops) in our beers and brew those beers here on our farm.

We love our farm and are the only brewery in the area to use the dairy barn, or milkhouse, as a brewery (see picture below). We brew on a 10BBL system made with repurposed dairy tanks.

Welcome To Our Farm
Welcome To Our Farm

Inniskilling – our Farmhouse Red Ale

The Irish foot-soldiers fought hard, and so will you after trying this farmhouse red! It’s a different kind of red. It’s not dry (some call non-dry reds “dirty reds”) and we use American hops. This red is robust and full-bodied, with tons of flavor. Brewed in our little farmhouse brewery, we consider our Red more of a “Dirty Irish-American Farmhouse Red”, but we call it a Farmhouse Red Ale for short!

Inniskilling Red Ale
Farmhouse Red Ale