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Veteran owned & operated, Frey’s Brewing Company is a small, Farm Brewery on the Frederick County side of Mount Airy, Maryland. Frederick County is home to several wineries and craft breweries. A small farm brewery such as ours fits in the area nicely.

Got a Question? Here’s a few of the most asked Questions & Answers:

Question: “When did you open your farmhouse brewery?”
Answer: We brewed our first batch of beer on February 1st, 2013. We ship beer to local establishments in Central Maryland areas, including Frederick County, Montgomery County, the City of Baltimore, Baltimore County, Howard County, & Carroll County.

Question: “I own a pub/restaurant/liquor store in Maryland and want to sell your beer! Where can we get it?”
Answer: We self-distribute. So we can sell/deliver beer directly to your establishment anywhere in the state of Maryland, as long as it has the proper alcohol retail licensing (NOTE: if you’re in Montgomery County, some of our beers are listed in the DLC catalog, but our license allows us to also distribute directly to you!). If you are located in Maryland and are interested in putting our beer on tap (or know someone that is interested), please contact us. If you are interested in carrying bottles of beer in your liquor store, we have bottles!

Question: “Do you distribute outside of Maryland?”
Answer: Currently, we only sell our beer in Maryland. But we have plans to eventually grow into other areas. When we do, we will list those areas on our website.

Question: “Can we come out and visit the brewery?”
Answer: We are a production brewery and do not yet have a tasting room area, nor a public restroom facility. We are not currently allowed to do tastings at our facility, nor allow on-premise consumption of alcohol. We are working on this and hope to have a licensed tasting room by fall of 2018.

Question: “Should I bring valid I.D.”
Answer: Yes, you need to have a valid driver’s license or other state certified ID. We will not serve persons without a valid ID, whether that person is 21 or 81.

Question: “Can I get a job in the brewery?”
Answer: Keep an eye on our Jobs page for info related to jobs at the brewery.

Question: “Can you send me labels, caps, or other collectable articles.”
Answer: We do not send out labels, caps, or other articles.

Question: “Can you donate beer to our event or charity?”
Answer: We get asked this all the time. But under current Maryland laws, we are not allowed to donate beer.

Question: Didn’t online source “X” say you had an open tasting room?
Answer: While we have been brewing since 2013, we do not have an Open Tasting Room yet! We will post everywhere (including here) when it opens, which we hope will be sometime in late 2018! We realize some newspapers and online sources have us listed as having an open tasting room, but the tasting room is still not open yet.

Need our address?
Our address is 8601 Mapleville Road  Mount Airy, MD 21771

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