Pop-Up Thursday, Pizza, & Beer Release!

We’re doing something different. This Thursday, 12SEP2019, from 4-8:30pm – we’re opening outside of our normal hours for the release of Papa Fishrod, a Wild Red Ale w/a blend of British & Wild Yeasts. We’ll have pizza for $1.50 a slice and a fire going in the pit. Hope to see you here!

Papa Fishrod is a Wild Red Ale w/a blend of British & Wild Yeasts from the farm. A pleasant dark amber color, malty with a bitter finish. The idea behind this beer stems from the Flemish Reds of Western Belgium, but is American Farmhouse in nature. This beer will change a lot and often, due to the nature of the wild yeast, often becoming more sour as it ages. Try it now, then compare your notes later as we tap another keg from this batch every few months! We’ll tap 5 kegs total in this series!