Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

And yes, we’re open! Our hours for Thanksgiving week are:

Wednesday 12-9:30
Thursday 12-9:30
Friday 12-9:30
Saturday 12-9:30
Sunday 12-9:30

Der Hopfenberger 5000 – Beer Release

This is a beer you don’t want to miss.

Much like many of our brews, Der Hopfenberger 5000 is hard to put into a category. The first thing you’ll notice is the hops: citrusy, spicy, a bit fruity, which is followed up with a nice malt finish. Some would call it a Hazy DIPA, while others might call it an American DIPA, or a Heavily Hopped American Farmhouse Ale. You could technically even call it a DIPAL, as we used a unique blend of both ale and lager yeasts. Honestly, we don’t care all that much about categories; we just like to make and drink good beer. But if you want to know more about it, a lot of hops went into the finish of this beer… and then we dry-hopped it.

Rock Creek Revival – Fall Music Finale

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